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Take the pleasure of La cathedral Notre dame and the Notre dame musical

La cathedral Notre dame is the best example of Canadian religion that is. It is the largest church. if your are tensed or want to spend some time in a peaceful environment then go to that  it’s a best place for worshiping, sharing your thoughts to god . It is also a best place in Paris to do prayers quietly and for meditation also. La cathedral Notre dame gives peace to your soul. It makes you relaxed and gives intense pleasure. To spent time in La, cathedral Notre dame gives strength to the peoples. About thirteen million tourists visit this place every year to see this beautiful historic monument.  In this place, many religious events take place. The best feature that makes this cathedral so unique is medieval stained glasses and Romanesque sculpture. So if have-not seen it yet make efforts to see that beauty of not only Paris but the whole France

It is in Paris so many people are unable to come there so they can hear Notre dame musical.

Notre dame de Paris is a very famous musical by Riccardo Cocciante and the lyrics is given by luc plarnondon. It was debuted on 1998, September 16. Notre dame musical was the great hit. When it was debuted the population in Switzerland, Canada, Italy, Spain, Taiwan, South Korea, Haiti, Belgium, and France played it. There wore some popular songs in the shows like Belle, Le temps des cathedrals, and due to the popularity of this song, it is translated in to many other languages so that it can reach to more and more people. Notre dame musical is also there in Guinness book of world record and there reason is that it was that it became the most successful musical in the first year of launch.  No other musical achieved this much fan following or popularity.

Notre-Dame de Paris is based on the novel written by a French novelist vector Hugo. The name of the novel was Notre-Dame de Paris. The novel was also a great hit. It is written in German. And is liked and heard by many people in that language. That is the reason that now it is going to be performed on stages but in English language. So if the book is that much popular. The people of all the generation loved Notre dame musical. It has 53 musical numbers and all are worth listening.

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