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THE BIGGEST HIT OF NOTRE Dame de Paris (musical)- Belle

Notre-Dame de Paris is a very well known musical. Notre-Dame de Paris is based on the novel written by a French novelist vector Hugo. The name of the novel was Notre-Dame de Paris. The novel was also a great hit. It has almost 56 songs. One of the most beautiful songs of this collection is belle. It is a pop song launched by Sony music. The certificate received by the song is diamond in France

Francophone singer Patric Fiori, Garou and Daniel lavioe performed belly song. Belle dame de Paris was released in 1998. The people in Belgium and France like this song most. It became the best song that is selling single throughout the country. The song was written by luc Plamondon so most of the credit of its popularity goes to him because the words used in that song is very beautiful and heart touchy. The genre of belle dame de Paris is romantic so it became very popular among lovers.  The song is in French so many people from other countries cannot understand its meaning so they demanded its English version.

The English version of belle dame de Paris was sung by a well-known poet Steve Balsamo, Garou and Daniel lavoie. The theme of this song is totally based on the novel Notre dame De Paris . The total length of the original song is 4 minutes and 36 seconds. belle dame de Paris  Belle the 19th song from Notre dame de Paris.

Therefore, Notre dame belle is a big hit because of the following reasons.

  • On the French single chart Notre, dame belle was charted for about 60 weeks because of its popularity.
  • This song is the first trio that reached first in French single chart.
  • Song enjoyed huge weekly sale that result in handsome profits.
  • It remained at the top of all the other songs until 18 consecutive weeks.
  • Notre dame belle got the diamond certificate by SNEP
  • It was noted as best selling single in the year 1988.
  • Notre dame belle song is also awarded as the ‘song of the year’ in 1999 at Victories de la Musique.

Notre Dame de Paris – Natural French Belle

Belle, the original cast Garou, Daniel, Patric)

Notre Dame de Paris (Russian edition) – Belle

And for the sweet: (Korean) Belle – Notre Dame De Paris

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