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One of the most beautiful tourist destinations- Paris

Paris is a beautiful city, having many places to visit. Paris is having many qualities that the reason that is also known from different words like’ City of Light’, ‘City of Love’, etc. it’s a fast running country. There are many specialties of city Paris.

Paris is a multicultural. People of many cultures are living there so as the cultures differ there food clothing also has variations. Many people migrated and settled in Paris because of its beauty. One thing more that is famous in Paris is Paris musical. The people in Paris love music, as it is a ‘city of love’ so how can it be backward in term of music. France is a country that is leading in terms of pop production so Paris musical is also based on pop music. The two other music genres that are progressing are chanson and rap. The other three forms that are very popular in Paris are Rock and jazz.  Rock is on the rise these days in Paris. There are many people over there that are very big fan of rock music. In addition, jazz is a specialty of Paris. Paris musical also includes world music, opera, electronic music, new music, main orchestras and early music.

If we are talking about the specialty of Paris then we cannot afford to forget the beautiful cathedral of Paris.  It is calculated that Paris attracts about 45 million tourists every year then there must be something unique. The one of the unique monument present over there is Notre dame de Paris. It is very famous cathedral of Paris famous for its architecture. That church is considered the most beautiful church in the whole Europe

It is situated in the central Paris. Notre dam is on a beautiful small island that is surrounded by Seine River. If you are planning to go to the dream city, Paris then your trip will be incomplete if you will not go to see that agricultural wonder. It takes about two decades to make that cathedral of Paris.

So there are many things to do in France and that make that city special the great Eiffel tower is there that is the symbol of love. , muse d’orsay, city’s most popular museum, the Bastille, a place where the Bastille prison stood once. The biggest museum in the world, that is The Louvre.


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