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Notre dame de Paris lyrics are so beautiful and peace giving

Notre dame de Paris is a very famous collection of songs sung through French-canadian musicals. Luc Plamondon writes the lyrics of this. Notre dame de Paris lyrics is very much popular among all the generations. This collection contains some very good songs like belle. It is a romantic song and became a big hit. The composer of that famous music is Ricardo Cocciante. Slowly that album became very popular that the demand of its English version arises. So to fulfill the wants to the fans the album is also released in English language. That version was performed in Las Vegas in 2000. That production in English version also gain so much of popularity and ran for seventeen months. As the album became popular, there emerges a need to translate it in much other language due to the huge demand of customer. Popular songs of Notre dame de Paris is translated into Catalan, Belarusian, Czech, polish, Dutch, German, Lithuanian, and of course English.

The album Notre dame de Paris broke all the record and became the best musical hit ever. It achieved many awards for the excellent responses. The name of that musical hit is also there in Guinness book of world record. All that happens, because of the Notre dame de Paris lyrics. They are heart touching and so appealing that every one can easily connects to it. There are about fifty-nine songs in that musical. Every one is having beautiful lyrics with excellent music.

So if you are interested in music you can go for Notre dame de Paris. When we are talking about this musical then I remind of the great church in paris that is Notre dame de Paris. It is a beautiful gothic cathedral church. Situated in the middle of the city paris so if you are thinking to go there then must see that beautiful monuments. You can book Notre dame Paris tickets online also. if you are a musical fan then also it’s a great place because many inspirational musical functions are performed over there. It is a magnificent cathedral and many sacred concerts are performed over there so don’t be late book Notre dame Paris tickets for concerts online. There are many sites available in internet to book the tickets. It is the best and the convenient way.


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