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Facts about Notre dame cathedral

Paris is a beautiful city having famous monuments, buildings, museums etc. its worth going there. People are dying to see that city. There are many cities having something that make it popular but in Paris, there are many places that are worth watching. If a person wants to see the whole city then it takes month to take a tour of Paris.

If you will try to find the most prominent monument situated in Paris then the first name that come in your mind is Notre dame cathedral. It is the biggest cathedral in the whole France. It is the very good example of gothic architecture that is situated in France. The meaning of Notre dame cathedral is “our lady” in French. It is in the central Paris. Notre dam is on a beautiful small island that is surrounded by Seine River. You will love to know about the Notre dame cathedral history. The construction of this dam started in 1163 and was fully completed in 1345 so it takes about two decades to complete. The official name given to that cathedral in Paris is The Notre dame. the reason behind doing this is that there are thousand of buildings having this name. It is started when the king was King Louis vii but it was not completed till1354. The cathedral of Notre dame is the oldest cathedral of Paris. The another special thing about this cathedral is that in the construction of this monument flying buttresses were used to provide structural support to the monument. Many other unique things are there in that cathedral. It is not just a monument having a beautiful agricultural structure but it also gives you a feeling of naturalism. One another special thing about cathedral in Paris is that is is very good for photography.

Notre dame cathedral history is very famous all over the world. People are connected to this church through blessings. Not only Christians but also the people of all religions come to see this beautiful monument. People want to know that what the specialty of that monument is. As it takes two decades so they are eager to see the architectural designs, patters every thing that cathedral in Paris has. Wherever you make a plan to see one of the most beautiful city then don’t forget to see the cathedral of Notre dame because your journey will be incomplete without having a look of that amazing cathedral,

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