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A historical beauty of paris- notre dame de paris

Paris is a beautiful city with many grand and beautiful sites. Among them, one of the most eyes striking is Notre dame of Paris. If you are in Paris then it is worth watching that grand cathedral.  It is situated in the central Paris. Notre dam is on a beautiful small island that is surrounded by Seine River.

Thousand of people came to visit this ecclesiastic building. Not only People of Paris but also people around the world came to see that historical monument.  Tourists came with their faith and different religions. The construction of this oldest cathedral on Notre dame in Paris was started in 12th centaury under the first bishop of the city who was Maurice de sully. In addition, it took almost three centaury to complete the construction of that most stunning cathedral. It is said that Alexander pope did the foundation of that catherdrel by placing the first foundation stone in 1163. Preciously it was titled as ogival style but now it is known as French gothic architecture. The designs and texture used in constructing that was so fine and clean that’s why it is considered as the example of world’s finest French gothic agriculture today.

One of the special things that this cathedral has is that it is the first building that have used or employed flying buttresses. These buttresses works as a support system of the whole building.

There are five huge belles used in that cathedral. One of them is the bourdon bell. This bell is located in the south tower. It is considered the great bell as the weight of the bell is 13 tons and the clapper fixed in that weighs 500 kilograms. You will be surprise to know that it takes around twenty people to ring that single bell. These bells have a main function that is to tell the hours of the day. It is also used in the different occasions. The other four bells are on the wheels present in the north tower. These bells are rung on for different jobs. The bells were very big so tends the whole church to vibrate so now a days electric motors are used to ran the bells in Notre dame de Paris. One interesting fact that you love to know is that these belles in thirteen- century made Quasimodo deaf. It is a surprising fact.

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